Theme: #9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure

What is the relationship between teleworking and well being?
What are the interactions between agroecological and indigenous territories – potential collaborations and possible conflicts?
How could the concept of Deliberative Quality help improve the conditions under which decisions are made, and could it serve to develop better processes and outcomes in trade-related organizations?
What are the biodiversity data needs of international organizations, governments, civil society and business?
To which degree and under which conditions do countries translate their international commitments regarding CC mitigation into their domestic policies (i.e. policy objectives and instruments)?
Why and how does centralized design prevail as a global gold standard for the urban sanitation sector even in the light of crisis and how does it influence project implementation under SDG6?
What can the EU’s Hotspot approach to migration tell us about the impact of infrastructure on migration management?
When and how does increasing market power translate into regulatory power to shape the rules of international trade?