Research Mandate

To celebrate its 10th anniversary the Swiss Network for International Studies opens a tender for a research mandate on its constituency and the impact of the funded projects.

Purpose & Scope of Study

The purpose of the study is to assess the network members’ submission practices and to evaluate the academic and policy impact of funded projects. 



The researcher needs to provide:

  • A written report of at least 30 pages, including an executive summary
  • Questionnaire and interview templates. 
  • All data collected during the interviews and the survey


Timeframe, Duration and Compensation

  • The research is to be conducted in 2018 and the report needs to be delivered by December 31st
  • The researcher will need to sign a contract, but they will not be employed by the SNIS (i.e. they will work as an independent researcher)
  • Academics who previously received SNIS funding cannot submit for the research mandate
  • The compensation is set at CHF 15’000.-


Applications are received form 09.05.2018 to 31.5.2018

Submission practice

method: Survey of project coordinators having requested funding in the past five years. A qualitative pilot study shall be carried out to refine the following questions:

  • Why do applicants choose the SNIS to submit projects?
  • Do applicants submit similar projects to other funding bodies?
  • Do PIs of refused projects submit the same project with the SNF?
  • What is the re-submission ratio?
  • How important is the SNIS funding scheme in international studies (compared to other funding schemes)?
  • What makes the SNIS call attractive (compared to other funding schemes)?
  • What are the drawbacks of the SNIS funding scheme?
  • What are the academic-IO collaboration experiences when preparing projects?

Impact Analysis of Project Outputs

method: quantiative bibliometric analysis

  • What academic impact do SNIS funded projects have?

method: qualitative case study (should take into account the different outreach materials typically produced by SNIS projects i.e. policy briefs, films etc.)

  • What policy impact do SNIS funded projects have?

Impact Analysis on PhD / Postdoc Careers

method: Survey of project PhDs / Postdocs involved in SNIS funded projects 2011-2016

  • What impact do SNIS funded projects have on the academic / professional careers of PhD students that began their careers working within a SNIS funded project.
  • What impact do SNIS funded projects have on the academic / professional careers of post doctoral researchers that worked within a SNIS funded project.

Research Mandate

Submission status: closed

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