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SNIS Research Report – Funding International Studies in Europe

Study mandated by the Swiss Network for International Studies in order to get a better understanding of the funding available for academic projects in International Studies in Europe and to situate its activities within this broader landscape.

The Afterlife of Academic Research Projects – A Primer

What happens to academic research projects once they reach conclusion? Are the publications, websites and conferences they give rise to the end all of the efforts invested in their realization, or do they continue to exist in different forms? Five instances in which academic research projects funded by the Geneva International Academic Network continued to exist and develop after their formal conclusion.

Patterns of Collaboration between Academia and International Organizations

This study maps out the encounters between international organizations (IOs) and Academia, as they occur in the different forms of collaboration that bring these two communities together.

Recent Project Publications

Capital Flight from Africa: New Estimates, 1950-1970

Given ongoing discussion in the literature concerning capital flight from developing countries to developed countries, this paper studies whether African countries had noticeable capital flight already in the post-WWII period, and if that was the case, how capital flight was related to taxation of the countries.

Ethnicity and Wartime State Violence against Civilians

In this paper, we ask the question of whether the master cleavage of a conflict also predicts variation in state violence against civilians along ethnic lines.

Understanding Rights Practices in the World Heritage System: Lessons from the Asia Pacific

This research project sought to identify major factors shaping, preventing or enhancing the implementation of rights-based approaches in the World Heritage system in general and in the Asia-Pacific regions in particular.

Protecting labor rights in preferential trade agreements: The role of trade unions, left governments, and skilled labor

This paper investigates variation in the design of labor provisions in preferential trade agreements (PTAs) by focusing on the power of labor unions, government partisanship, and the relative strength of skilled labor.

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