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Documentary: Rubber in a Rice Bowl

The reportage addresses the topic of the current rubber boom and how it affects livelihoods and food security through the voices of the local population. It further raises the question as to how the local community takes part in the process of the agrarian transition driven by large scale rubber companies and to what extent it can benefit from the transformation.

Demographic Change and Private Sector Disability Management in Australia, Canada, China and Switzerland

What factors influence a private company’s choice to implement a Disability Management Program and what are the perceived benefits/drawbacks of such a program?
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Aiding Peace?

Donor Behavior in Conflict-Affected Countries
Do donors respond to the ebbs and flows of a peace process or is their behavior motivated by other factors that are exogenous to events within the conflict-torn country?
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Diffusion of Clean Energy Technology for Green Economy in Developing Countries

What are the most important barriers to low-cost green technology diffusion across developing countries?
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(Un)Sustainable Food Consumption Dynamics in South/Southeast Asia

What are the consumption patterns of the growing middle classes in emerging countries? How can more sustainable consumption pathways be reached?
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Children of refugees in Europe

Aspirations, social and economic lives, identity and transnational linkages
What are the life trajectories of children of refugees born in Europe in terms of cultural and social identity and what are their educational and employment experiences?
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A "Social Clause" through the Back Door?

What are the causes and the consequences

of labour provisions in preferential trade agreements?

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