How can we improve international arrangements for pathogen- and benefit-sharing to ensure health security for all?


Infectious diseases pose a threat to national security, but also have an economic value through the pathogen sharing practices, which aim to prevent, or at least strenghten capacities of reaction in case of crises. The Ebola crisis proved how critical pathogen sharing is to controlling outbreaks and thus, how beneficial sharing can be. However, existing governing frameworks for this process have several shortcomings, are under strain, and are very complicated. Furthermore, there are emergent technologies that take away the incentives to share. 

The research questions guiding the analysis are as follows:

– How can pathogen- and benefit-sharing practices be measured, described and meaningfully assessed?

– What are the most important determinants of pathogen-sharing and non-sharing?  

– What specific global governance tools and instruments are likely to be most effective? 

The methodology envisaged to answer them includes both quantitative and qualitative analysis. Metrics will be developed for pathogen-sharing and they will be submitted to specialized focus groups for discussions and analysis. Two case studies of Ebola and Zika will be analyzed in depth. Hypotheses for policy will be developed and tested. 

Project Keywords

  • Pathogen-sharing
  • Health security
  • Infectious diseases
  • Global governance


  • International Law
  • Public Policy
  • International Organization


International Organizations

  • WHO

NGOs, States or other institutions

  • National Public Health Institute of Liberia

Relevant Countries

  • Brazil
  • Liberia


This is an ongoing project, which started in autumn 2018. The information here is updated regularly. If you have any inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact the project team via the form below.

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Research team

Sueri Moon
Graduate Institute, Geneva

Gian Luca Burci
Graduate Institute, Geneva

Anthony Rizk
Principal Member
Graduate Institute, Geneva

Sylvie Briand
Associated Member

Anne Huvos
Associated Member

Stéphanie Dagron
Associated Member
University of Geneva

Rebecca Katz
Associated Member
Georgetown University

Mosoka Fallah
Associated Member
National Public Health Institute of Liberia

Jorge Bermudez
Associated Member
National School of Public Health at Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz), Brazil