IO Research Stipend

The SNIS IO research stipend for young scholars has been a funding opportunity that ran from 2019 to 2021. You can find information on the stipend awardees and their work below.

IG Award description


Know the Award

The stipend for PhD students is awarded for a duration from 3 to 6 months. The stipend is set at CHF 1500.- / month.


Check Your Eligibility

Applicants should not be older than 35 years and should be registered in a Swiss institution of higher education for a PhD on an International Studies’ related-subject. You will find more detailed eligibility criteria below.


This funding opportunity is under evaluation. Uno new call will be issued in 2022 – 2023

Previous Stipendiaries

Submission details

The SNIS can offer either one six-month stipend or two three-month stipends per calendar year. Second-year PhD students can apply for the scheme. The benefits are that grantees receive a stipend of CHF 1’500.-/month to help with their living expenses. Furthermore, for the duration of their research, stipendiaries have their own desk at the SNIS offices located in central Geneva.

  • Entrants must be registered PhD students in a Swiss institution of higher education (Definition see:
  • Entrants cannot submit proposals connected to a specific International Organisation if they have had prior working contracts with the same organisation.
  • Entrants should not be older than 35 years at the time of submission.
  • Entrants do not need to be citizens or residents of Switzerland.
  • Stipendiaries must hold a valid visa or a passport that allows them to work/stay in Switzerland.
  • Entrants may not be part of an ongoing SNIS funded project.
  • The applicant is eligible as defined above.
  • The application is complete as defined above.
  • The proposed research must be concerned with at least one International Organisation (Definition see:
  • The proposed research is original and timely.
  • Entrants can demonstrate that they benefit from the physical proximity to IO(s).
  • The proposed research can be carried out in either three months or six months.
  • Personal information (via webform).
  • Letter of motivation by applicant (pdf format).
  • Research proposal (pdf format, maximum length of 2000 words).
  • Support letter by PhD supervisor committing to monitor the candidate’s research efforts during the stipend period (pdf format).
  • Interest in outlined research confirmed by IO staff (pdf format of email).
  • CV with bibliography (pdf format).
  • Click on the “Submit” link. The form will appear in a new window. Entrants must submit their application with the required documents and information online.
  • Fill in all the necessary submission fields.
  • Submit the form. Please note: once you have submitted the form you can no longer edit it!
  • You will then receive an email that confirms your submission.
  • For the duration of the stipend, the stipendiaries must work in Geneva i.e. It is not possible to receive the stipend to do desk research at one’s home University.
  • The stipend is an award for excellence i.e. it is not a salary.
  • Stipendiaries need to ascertain that they are properly insured i.e. they have medical and accident coverage.
  • Stipendiaries must hold a valid visa or a passport that allows them to work in Switzerland.
  • The SNIS cannot accommodate more than one stipendiary at a time (when two three-months stipends are granted they must be organised sequentially).

After selection by the jury, stipendiaries sign an agreement and receive 80% of the total stipend amount. 

Upon the end of the stipend period the stipendiary must provide a research report on Scientifc advances and potential policy implications. If the report is deemed satisfactory by the jury, the remainder of the stipend (20%) will be transferred swiftly. 

In addition, all stipend winners will be interviewed at the conclusion of the stipend in order to summarize their experience. The SNIS might use these interviews for communication purposes, pending approval from the stipend recipient.

The Jury is composed of:

  • The President of the SNIS Scientific Committee
  • The President of the International Geneva Award Committee

Each year, one six-month or two three-month SNIS IO Research Stipends are granted. Decisions are normally taken by mid-June for an earliest possible start date on September first.