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Les écoles de la servitude aux Philippines : des carrières migratoires de travailleuses domestiques aux processus d’altérisation. Pour une approche socio-anthropologique des études postcoloniales

Dr Julien Debonneville


PhD thesis defended at the Geneva School of Social Sciences, University of Geneva (March 2016), under the supervision of Professor Delphine Gardey and Professor Elisabeth Prügl

Through an ethnographic study of the migratory mechanisms in the Philippines, Dr Debonneville’s thesis examines the production of alteration processes in the context of the globalized economy of care. It furthermore questions the social representation associated with the Philippine domestic worker, often called “Filipina”. More broadly, the thesis offers a reflection on the contribution of post-colonial studies in social sciences.

A sociologist by training, Dr Julien Debonneville is a senior researcher and teaching assistant at the Institute for Gender studies at the University of Geneva. Julien Debonneville holds a PhD in gender studies from the University of Geneva, and a Master degree in social sciences from the University of Lausanne. He also held visiting positions at UC Berkeley (Department of Ethnic studies) and at the University of the Philippines – Diliman (Department of Women and Development Studies). His main research topics are: gender inequalities, migrations and mobility, care economy and reproductive labour, the coloniality of power, the social construction of otherness, and the intersectionality of power relations.

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