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Following green money, following green people in the Brazilian Amazon

Livio Silva-Muller


Who governs the Brazilian Amazon and what does transnational money have to do with it? Adopting a mixed-methodology, my dissertation relies on scrapped grant-level data and in-depth interviews to measure different types of ‘green money’ and their role in shaping climate change governance in the Brazilian Amazon from 1990 to 2020. I explore how the historical evolution of material and ideational factors influence deforestation policy adoption, maintenance and outcomes today. Conceptually, this helps us unpack how transnational money changes the relationship between state, market, and civil society.

In previous research projects, I have investigated the practices of environmental street-level bureaucrats in payment for ecosystem services policy, as well as the role of civil society in the effectiveness of transnational partnerships inside protected areas in the Brazilian Amazon. Outside academia, I have worked at the UN Mozambique, different third sector organizations in Geneva and Brazil, as well as Oak Foundation.

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