Dr Rita Kesselring, leading researcher of a SNIS project, wins the Engagement Award of the University of Basel

Dr Rita Kesselring (Departement of Anthropolgy, University of Basel) has received the Engagement Award 2018 of the Graduate Center of the University of Basel for her research on the effects of the financialisation in commodity trading. She and her interdisciplinary research team followed the copper value chain and analysed the interaction and impacts of decisions taken by traders in Switzerland on local life-worlds.

Switzerland has emerged as a major global commodity-trading hub. Traders connect markets, influence the pricing process and as a result, impact the life-worlds of people around the world. Dr Kesselring’s research contributes to a better understanding of global connections and will have direct results for policy interventions relating to transparency in the Swiss commodity sector, transnational policy coherence and sustainable development in the Global South.

The Engagement Award is attributed by the Graduate Center of the University of Basel and the open access publisher MDPI. The prize awards innovative research that makes a substantial contribution for the welfare of civil society and citizens. The award ceremony will take place on 24 January 2018 at the Museum der Kulturen in Basel.