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We make academic research accessible to non specialists. Documentaries, publications and full-length reports help you grasp complex issues quickly.

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We promote academic research in international studies. The research teams are composed of academics, staff from international organisations and NGOs.


Project publication: Individual-level attitudes towards immigrants over time and across contexts

“The highly educated are far from immune to anti‐immigrant attitudes“. Skill specificity and attitudes toward immigration is a new and timely academic publication that turns the tables on classic analysis regarding host societies’ perceptions of immigrants. 

Project film : Telecommunication Politics in Authoritarian Developing Countries

The way in which ICTs are domestically managed determines their potential to contribute to sustainable macroeconomic development. This film illustrates some of the impacts documented in Uganda

Pestrop. A Ugandan Story. Film screening and Q&A session

On June 18, 2019, at 19h, the SNIS invites you to the screening of its scientific documentary Pestrop. A Ugandan Story, based on the project “Environmental Exposures, Health Effects and Institutional Determinants of Pesticide Use in Two Tropical Settings”. The research and production teams will also participate in a Q&A session. Venue – Cinéma Les Scala. More details here.