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Mapping International Investment Agreements

In this recent research paper, published by the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development and the World Economic Forum, Rodrigo Polanco Lazo (University of Chile and World Trade Institute) is mapping the international investment agreements concluded by the Group of Twenty (G20) countries, examining whether there is a common thread between those countries with respect to investment protection and especially the G20 Guiding Principles for Global Investment Policymaking.

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SNIS Award 2018

The SNIS Award that rewards the best PhD thesis in international studies received in a Swiss university in 2017 is now open for entries. The envelope of this prestigious award is set at CHF 10’000.

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Sustainable Consumption in Southeast Asia

Keeping Cool with Microclimate Diversity:

Air conditioning has become an inherent part of life in the tropical heat of Southeast Asia. This incurs environmental costs and burdens low-income families with high energy bills. Energy consumption could be reduced, and societal wellbeing improved by cultivating microclimate diversity, with adapted architectural design involving passive cooling and natural shading.

Read the analysis by Marlyne Sahakian (University of Geneva) in AsiaGlobal Online